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Carnival of Space #432

13 Nov 2015, 20:50 UTC
Carnival of Space #432
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The Carnival has come to town! The Everyday Spacer blog town anyway. We help you find out about the healing rocks (Fog on Mars), what lies beyond Pluto, and a meteor shower on Mercury(?).
Sounds like an interesting Carnival this week!
What are you waiting for? It’s right here…
Data From Spirit Rover Provides Evidence for Acid Fog on Ancient Mars
Paul Scott Anderson | Planetaria
The various rover and lander missions on Mars have provided unprecedented glimpses into the planet’s past, including geological history and environmental conditions. In many ways, ancient Mars was similar to Earth, with abundant water and volcanic activity. Now, new research has revealed that there was also another related Earth-like phenomenon: acid fog.
The new findings come from studies of data from the Spirit rover, which ceased operating in 2010 but sent back an enormous amount of information which will keep scientists busy for many years to come. The findings were presented yesterday, Nov. 2, in…
New Horizons Conducts Final Course Correction for New Year’s Day Flyby of Next KBO in 2019
Paul Scott Anderson | Planetaria
After having completed a wildly successful flyby of Pluto and its moons, the New Horizons spacecraft was given ...

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