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The Year in Space 2016 – A Review

1 Dec 2015, 17:59 UTC
The Year in Space 2016 – A Review
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Today, I turned to the last page of the Year in Space Calendar 2015 and realized that I need this Calendar every year now!
And, thankfully, Steve Cariddi generously sent me the 2016 version to review. As I open it, it feels like Christmas coming early.
This is an incredible Calendar with a capital C! It’s huge. I forget how big it is because it’s been on the wall where I see it every day, several times a day.
Next month, the 2016 version will hang in that spot.
Before I even get it open, this is a great resource. You know that inner cardboard piece to keep it straight and nice? I pull that out and preserve it for making crafts. I’ll use as much of it as I can someday.
I have been ‘green’ for many, many years now. I always thought of it as ‘spaceship thinking’ because resources could be very limited out there on a spaceship and everything will need to be use to the max. It’s getting to be that way here on Earth too.
When you open the cover, the first thing you get is a nice message from Bill Nye. The two page ...

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