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Carnival of Space #454

15 Apr 2016, 20:31 UTC
Carnival of Space #454
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What time is it? It’s Carnival of Space time! Gather ’round for some of the best space bloggers on the planet! They are passionate and they share their love of that big black sky out there with all of us!
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Hazy Sunset
Gadi Eidelheit | The Venus Transit
A large sunspot appears on the sun. Haze is useful if you want to photograph it.
New from NASA
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Added another 10 NASA images to the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Flickr page. Images of Mars, Pluto, Titan, and #Ceres
Prelude to Transit: Catching Mercury Under Dusk Skies
David Dickinson | Universe Today
Have you ever seen Mercury? The diminutive innermost world takes the center stage next month, as it transits the Sun as seen from our early perspective on May 9th. This week, we’d like to turn your attention to bashful Mercury’s dusk apparition, which sets up the clockwork celestial gears for…
SpaceX Falcon 9 Recovered 1st Stage Arrives Back in Port After Historic Upright Landing at Sea
Ken Kremer | Universe Today
The SpaceX Falcon 9 ...

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