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Carnival of Space #460

28 May 2016, 18:40 UTC
Carnival of Space #460
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Welcome to the Carnival of Space #460!
This time, Allen Versfeld and I are offering you ‘twofer’ the price of one.
Once you are done here, pop on by to read more at Allen’s Urban Astronomer for Carnival of Space #459! You’ll be glad you did!
And now, as we say, On With the Show!
New Horizons Obtains New Images and Science Data of Post-Pluto Kuiper Belt Object
Paul Scott Anderson | Planetaria
The New Horizons mission to Pluto has been nothing less than incredible, giving us our first close-up views of this enigmatic dwarf planet and its moons. But the show isn’t over yet, as the New Horizons team is now planning for its next encounter with another Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) in 2019. But even before then, the spacecraft has been busy observing other smaller objects, and has now collected the first…
Venus in the Pleiades
Gadi Eidelheit | The Venus Transit
Although it happened 4 years ago and will happen again in another 4 years, if you don’t believe that Venus is a planet here is proof.

Published on May 19, 2016
Venus visits the Pleiades (M45) once in 8 years and it is a great chance ...

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