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Review: Job Search & Career Workbook

29 Jun 2016, 01:52 UTC
Review:  Job Search & Career Workbook
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Review: Job Search & Career Workbook by Jason MacDonald
This book is about more than getting a job, it’s about personal branding online and attracting the right ‘customers’ or hiring agents in the current market.
As you may know, the Everyday Spacer motto is: It’s All About Action!
Doing this work is certainly Action. Knowing how to promote yourself online in this day and age can do many things for you. Not knowing, can get you in trouble!

I’ve landed a lot of jobs in my career (almost 50!) and interviewed for many more – all before the internet. Without this book, you’d be hard-pressed to plot out how best to leverage all the great new tech we now have in our hands, without investing a great deal of time and experience doing it.
Jason shows you the way with his book and the interactive pages online he created, with examples from others as a warning.
The beauty of this installment by Jason is that you can use it for other ‘branding’ endeavors as well, not just job hunting.
One of the best things about this book – it’s current!
One of the worst things about this book – it’s ...

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