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Carnival of Space #466

8 Jul 2016, 19:20 UTC
Carnival of Space #466
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It’s Baaack! The Carnival of Space #466 graces Everyday Spacer.com this week and, once again, we host some amazing articles from our member bloggers. If you are a space blogger and you’d like to participate, you are welcome to learn about that, and join. You can offer an article like the folks below and, for a limited time no doubt, you can host the weekly event just like this!
So, Without Further Magoo, On With The Show!
Welcome to Jupiter – NASA’S Juno Achieves Orbit Around ‘KING OF THE PLANETS’
Ken Kremer | Universe Today
After a nearly five year journey covering 1.7-billion-miles (2.8-billion-kilometers) across our solar system, NASA’s basketball court-sized Juno orbiter achieved orbit around Jupiter, the ‘King of the Planets’ late Monday night, July 4, in a gift to all Americans on our 240th Independence Day and a gift to science to elucidate…
Stars Are The Universe’s Neat Freaks
Matt Williams | Universe Today
Imagine, if you will, that the Universe was once a much dirtier place than it is today. Imagine also that what we see around us, a relatively clean and unobscured Universe, is the result of billions of years of stars behaving like giant celestial ...

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