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LEO - Low Earth Orbit

Mission 1 – Orbital Insertion

16 Jun 2014, 18:47 UTC
Mission 1 – Orbital Insertion
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The first think you’ll have to learn is how to get into orbit… and its more than just going straight up! In this mission you much achieve a circular orbit. The particular orbit you are required to obtain will be shown in the GOALS box at the start of each mission (and this is random… replay the mission for different orbits).
Launch by holding down the main booster button, and once some altitude has been achieved TAP a little LEFT rotation while still holding the MAIN BOOSTER button on. This transitions from vertical flight into horizontal. The LEO-1 will accelerate, and you can adjust the flight path to achieve orbital speed (typically around 6 to 8 km/s for a circular orbit).
Once established in an initial orbit, which will most likely be ELLIPTICAL with a high point (apogee) and low point (PERIGEE), you must adjust the orbit to make it circular at the desired altitude. Good luck… it takes some practice.

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