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What Would Being In Space Without A Suit Be Like?

30 May 2016, 21:37 UTC
What Would Being In Space Without A Suit Be Like?
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Spacesuits are a fundamental tool for keeping astronauts safe in space, but the protection they supply is often mistaken, exaggerated or romanticised in science fiction.
Spacesuits are garments worn by astronauts to survive the harsh conditions of outer space. They should be thought of as a single-person spaceship. They are built to protect astronauts from the low pressure and the staggering temperature gradient, while supplying oxygen and allowing freedom of movement. For this reason, they are generally inflated to a third of the normal atmospheric pressure and filled exclusively with oxygen.
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When it comes to what happens to the human body in space without a spacesuit, there’s only a handful of books that get it right. Humans are resilient, and life likes to be adaptable.
You can survive in space for up to a few minutes (depending on our apnea abilities) if the right conditions are met. In a vacuum the human body would expand to about twice the size, giving us a bodybuilder aspect and not the crazy faces of Total Recall. Oxygen starvation starts after about 15 seconds for a non-trained person. You wouldn’t freeze either. On ...

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