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3-D printed Saturn V build notes, part 4

26 Jul 2016, 21:15 UTC
3-D printed Saturn V build notes, part 4
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I decided to at least partially finish the Saturn V. Scale buffs and skilled painters need not comment.I started by outlining the black areas with a Sharpie (hat tip to David 'Daddyisabar' Bauer). I started at the bottom and decided to would be a good idea to black it all out with a Sharpie. The bottom sections turned out OK but is was a bitch to fill in the area between those tiny ribs. Then I moved north and things went downhill. The rough surfaces made masking difficult, the ribs got smaller and harder to fill in, and I found Sharpies can wick. Not to mention the Sharpies seemed to gum up when covering paint. I ended up painting over the Sharpie covered areasYou will note there are no decals and there probably never will be.I've gotten more busy than expected so I probably won't get her up this week.

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