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Life on the Asteroid Frontier

Populating the OSIRIS-REx Science Deck

29 Aug 2015, 20:17 UTC
Populating the OSIRIS-REx Science Deck
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The assembly of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft continues, with many elements integrated onto the spacecraft ahead of schedule. Last month both OTES and OVIRS were delivered to Lockheed Martin and installed on the science deck. OTES had the honor of being the first science instrument to be placed on the spacecraft. Both OTES and OVIRS came in ahead of schedule, despite some adversity in their development.
The OTES instrument installed on the science deck of OSIRIS-REx. The optics are protected by a mylar cover to prevent contamination during ATLO processing.
The OVIRS flight unit, prior to integration onto the spacecraft.
Next on the spacecraft was the completed Sample Acquisition and Return Assembly, SARA for short. SARA is a standalone panel that contains the TAGSAM sampling mechanism and our Sample Return Capsule. These mission-critical items are first mounted onto their own panel before delivery to the spacecraft. This panel allows the two items to be properly aligned relative to one another, since they are involved in an important hand-off: TAGSAM must place the sampler head into the SRC capture ring, then detach the head for stowage and Earth return. This transfer, along with all the other motions that are required for sampling ...

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