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OSIRIS-REx Progressing Through Environmental Testing

13 Nov 2015, 20:28 UTC
OSIRIS-REx Progressing Through Environmental Testing
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Our spacecraft continues to make steady progress toward launch in September 2016. During the final stages of assembly, OSIRIS-REx completed final installation of the High Gain Antenna and completed solar array installation. After integrating these components, we completed a solar array illumination test on both arrays. The Spacecraft then passed a cleaning check and was successfully and safely moved to the Reverberant Acoustic Laboratory (RAL) test chamber on the Lockheed-Martin campus. Once in place, the team began preparations for the start of our first environmental test: modal survey testing.
OSIRIS-REx Solar Array test
The modal survey test is used to define the dynamic structural characteristics of our spacecraft in the form of natural frequencies, damping ratios, and modal deformation patterns. Referee fluid (isopropyl alcohol) was loaded into the propellant tank to capture the vibrational affects of having rocket fuel on board (without the risk of ignition!). For modal-survey testing, a series of vibrating “stingers” were applied to the spacecraft structure to measure responses to simulated launch environments. The primary use of these data are for refining and validating our computer model of the spacecraft structure. This information is used to understand and analyze the results from the system-level vibration tests ...

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