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Life on the Asteroid Frontier

How REXIS Made It on the Spacecraft

20 Jan 2016, 23:54 UTC
How REXIS Made It on the Spacecraft
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OSIRIS-REx has achieved many major milestones over the past month. Of the more significant accomplishments is the installation of the Regolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (REXIS) on the spacecraft. The instrument team has successfully installed the REXIS Spectrometer and Solar X-ray Monitor on the spacecraft. The Initial Power-on and functional tests were successfully completed on December 19. However, there is more to the story of how REXIS made it on to the spacecraft.
REXIS is a student-built instrument that will study the elemental abundances on the surface of Bennu.
REXIS was originally scheduled for installation in September 2015. However, after careful consideration, the project decided that we could not approve moving forward with an ATLO Integration Readiness Review (AIRR) for the REXIS instrument at that time. We came to this conclusion based upon the number of items that remained open on the instrument. REXIS has always been primarily viewed as an educational opportunity to train the next generation of scientists and engineers in the development of spaceflight hardware. So science return from the instrument is a second priority to ensuring that REXIS does not damage the spacecraft or other science instruments. To this end, the project focused on the “do-no-harm” verification ...

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