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OSIRIS-REx Passes EMI/EMC Testing

24 Feb 2016, 19:49 UTC
OSIRIS-REx Passes EMI/EMC Testing
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The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has completed the Electromagnetic Interference/Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC) system level test. This test has three objectives. The first objective is to test for Radiated Emissions, which are the release of electromagnetic energy from the spacecraft. To pass this test, the team had to verify that the emissions from the Spacecraft do not violate the limit specified for both the Launch Vehicle and the Spacecraft.
The OSIRIS-REx team sets up the anechoic wall (yellow) and emission test equipment for the EMI/EMC test.
The second objective is to test for Radiated Susceptibility, which is the response of the spacecraft to external electric fields. This test verifies that the Spacecraft will perform as required at the launch site, during launch, and during operations in space, when it is exposed to these electromagnetic environments.
The spacecraft was mounted on the acoustic stand for this test.
The final objective is to test for spacecraft Self-Compatibility, which demonstrates that the spacecraft will not electrically interfere with itself. To pass this test, the team had to verify 1) that the spacecraft operates as expected when it is not connected to any external ground-support equipment; 2) that there is no degradation in receiver (X-band) performance when ...

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