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Life on the Asteroid Frontier

Engineering an Impact on the New Frontier

4 Apr 2016, 22:51 UTC
Engineering an Impact on the New Frontier
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Guest Blogger: Bradley Williams
It was a chilly December morning; I was 10 years old and sitting on the cold, hard floor of my elementary school library … too enthralled and focused on a 20-inch television screen to realize how uncomfortable I was. The TV was showing a live stream of Entry, Decent, and Landing (EDL) activities being commanded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It was very quiet. And, expecting that at any moment the engineers and scientists on the television would burst into excitement and applause, I wasn’t about to be the first of my classmates to break the silence. We sat there for 45 minutes – what seemed like a lifetime to a group of 5th graders – before my teacher finally got up and turned off the TV. Mrs. Storar, being fluent in space history and blessed with an understanding of mission architecture, gently informed us that something had gone wrong and the Mars Polar Lander would likely never be heard from again. It was an unlikely experience to spur passion and inspiration in a 10-year-old, but from that moment I was completely hooked on space exploration.
Systems Engineer Bradley Williams with the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft in the ...

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