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Full House

3 Mar 2010, 21:55 UTC
Full House
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Saturday night February 27, PLAYING DOCTOR played to a full house! In the show, Rob Brewster pretends to be an MD to please his parents. People were literally rolling in the aisles with laughter. We actors had to give up our dressing room chairs to accommodate the overflow audience. The show is a big hit!Also this week, the local university hosted a physicist lecturing on "dark energy." Admission to his dark talk cost more than a ticket to our play. He promoted a Joint Dark Energy Mission while asking for a billion more dollars to launch it. The hypothesised "dark energy" has not led to any solutions, but a divergence of models and requests for more money. Why should the public reward failure? Compared to our show, the lecture was sparsely attended with no laughter. The show must close after this week, so purchase tickets soon! PLAYING DOCTOR is a lot more fun than hearing about a dark universe.

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