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A Babe in the Universe

Playing Doctor

22 Feb 2010, 02:59 UTC
Playing Doctor
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Houston just saw the opening of PLAYING DOCTOR, by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Millmore. In this hilarious farce Rob Brewster pretends to be a doctor to impress his visiting parents.Wacky hijinks ensue! The theatre programme says that the nurse also works as a scientist at Johnson Space Center. A backlash is beginning against the "educated" classes. The study of Earth's climate has been marked by the scandal among PhD scientists at University of East Anglia. Other PhD's at Goddard Institute of Space Studies have harmed NASA's reputation. PhD scientists dragged physics into the hole of string theory, inflation and "dark energy." Those of us privileged to work as scientists have great responsibility to the truth.PhD's and other doctors need to take themselves less seriously and enjoy the show!

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