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Bolden Visits

20 Feb 2010, 22:49 UTC
Bolden Visits
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Johnson Space Center February 8, 2010NASA Administrator Charles Bolden and JSC Director Mike Coats address the troops. Both former astronauts were classmates at Annapolis over 40 years ago. The audience was full of questions and concern about NASA's new direction. One woman, a senior engineer with Orion, was in tears asking, "Did you fight for us?" With the end of the shuttle program, many were concerned about jobs and expertise that would be lost. Bolden tried to reassure everyone that human spaceflight would continue. He offered hints that some of the cancelled Constellation program would return. Bolden reminded us that if someone else reaches the Moon they will find American bootprints there. He promised that the ultimate goal is still Mars. This is an exciting and changing time at NASA. Like the speed of light, the only constant is change.

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