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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

C8S2 Astrophotography adapter.

5 May 2016, 20:44 UTC
C8S2 Astrophotography adapter.
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40mm Kellner ...perfect fit.I've owned my Celestron C8 Schmidt for about three years, plus I've had a Samsung smartphone for a little bit longer than that.In that time I have taken countless digital astro images with various cameras, but I have never combined the Schmidt C8 and the Samsung S2 smartphone. That all changed a couple of days ago....Having sourced some scrap metal I fabricated myself a homemade C8(Celestron Schmidt) and S2 (Samsung Android phone) adapter..... or C8S2 adapter for short.My 40mm Kellner eyepiece fitted perfectly in the holder.Once the obligatory elastic bands were strategically placed, the Samsung smartphone was ready for action...First light for the C8S2 was a nearby tree, which gave very pleasing results.I did try out my 20mm Erfle eyepiece, it was terrible! no matter how I tried, it failed to find focus.The 40mm Kellner was the perfect eyepiece for the Celestron & Samsung combination.Bird on the wire.There were so many birds flitting from tree to tree I just had to try capturing a couple...Hiding in the bushes,Later in the evening I turned the telescope onto the planet Jupiter, with somewhat mixed results.Spotting the four Galilean moons was fairly easy, but I was unable to reduce the ...

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