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Frontier Fields

Spotlight on Gabriel Barnes Brammer, ESA/AURA Astronomer

26 Apr 2016, 23:16 UTC
Spotlight on Gabriel Barnes Brammer, ESA/AURA Astronomer
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This occasional series focuses on members of the Frontier Fields team. It highlights the individuals, their jobs, and the paths they took to get to where they are today.
Astronomer Gabriel Brammer answers questions about his role on the Frontier Fields program and the path he took to get there.
What does a typical day on the job entail? What are your responsibilities?
A typical day involves a lot of communication: e-mail and teleconferencing with scientific collaborators around the U.S. and around the world, assisting observers with preparing their Hubble observations, and conversations and meetings with fellow members of the Hubble Wide Field Camera 3 instrument team. My research focuses on the formation and evolution of distant galaxies, often using Hubble observations. I have a position that allows me to pursue my own independent research interests along with my responsibilities supporting Hubble operations, and I appreciate that the goals of both of these aspects of my work are closely aligned.
What specifically is your educational background?
I obtained a bachelor’s degree in astronomy from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and a Ph.D. in astronomy from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.
How did you first become interested in ...

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