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Water on Ceres, the Moon, and Mars:

18 Mar 2016, 12:39 UTC
Water on Ceres, the Moon, and Mars:
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Above: The LPSC 2016 banner. Courtesy of LPSC 2016Next week is 2016's Lunar and Planetary Science conference - one of the big events on the space geek calender. It's a meeting for the top researchers, or at least those whose institution will cough up the price of a ticket. Talks and presentations cover everything from space dust to solar storms and planetary geology. But two worlds that always receive a lot of attention are Mars and the Moon - and this year there seems to be a lot of focus on the presence (or absence) of water and water ice.There're a lot of other topics too (it's definitely worth looking through the papers in Titan session, and the Pluto session), and I've had a day off ill - so a chance to rad the papers! Ahem. Here's the program, with links to the abstracts. To keep this post manageable I've focused on the Moon, Ceres, and Mars - here are a few that caught my eye:About the Moon:   "HETEROGENEOUS WATER CONTENT IN THE LUNAR INTERIOR: INSIGHTS FROMORBITAL DETECTION OF WATER IN PYROCLASTIC DEPOSITS AND SILICIC DOMES":There's been a fair bit of talk over the last decade or so about the ...

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