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What colors are other worlds?

16 Mar 2016, 15:44 UTC
What colors are other worlds?
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On the face of it 'what colors are the other planets?' seems like a pretty simple question: Mercury is grey, Venus is white, the Moon is grey, Mars is red.... true, things get a bit more complicated when we get to Jupiter (stripey), and its moons (we have to say things like 'imagine a reeaaly angry pizza' to describe Io).... Io, the volcanic hate-pizza world. I mean, look at it: Every swirl is a lava flow, every black spot an active volcano. It hates everyone. £30 says that someone tries to land there before 2100AD...but Saturn is yellow, Uranus and Neptune are blue, and that's it, right?Well of course not, or that'd be the end of this article.The thing about other worlds is that they are, well, worlds, and there's a lot of room on each for lots of different colours. Lets take a look at the Moon, our nearest neighbour: Since it's so conveniently close you may actually be able to stick your head out the window and do this, and it probably looks a silvery white colour. But, if you land on it, you see a landscape like this:The Moon: A smorgasboard of greyThe word you're looking for is ...

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