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The Ancient Solar System...

All about the Moon

22 Feb 2016, 14:39 UTC
All about the Moon NASA
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Above: The Apollo 15 mission on the Moon.It's there, just over there, visible most of the time. It's the Moon - a world as big as some planets - and even though we once landed people there, many years ago, we haven't solved it's mysteries. And there are a lot of them: From how long it had an atmosphere, to whether it still has volcanic activity, to where the massive polar reservoirs of water ice and organic molecules came from. The Moon still has a lot that needs exploring, and can tell us about Earth's ancient history.Above: An artists impression of lunar ice in a permanently  shadowed valley.Luckily there are people on the case: China has sited a UV observatory there, NASA is ending missions to explore it's poles, and the next few years should see private missions on their way...Chang'e lives on: The Chang'e 3 lunar lander / UV observatory is celebrating its 28th Lunar day, on a mission that began with this landing...Yutu stays silent:There's no word on Yutu, the lunar rover that started out from the belly of the Chang'e lander and became stuck due to a mechanical malfunction. However, even disabled, Yutu's sensors did sterling work, returning mountains of images ...

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