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The Ancient Solar System...

Gravity waves and floating hills..

12 Feb 2016, 20:28 UTC
Gravity waves and floating hills..
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Isn't this typical: I go on holiday for a week and everyone starts making mind bending advancements in astrophysics and space technology,while you're stuck up in the Scottish highlands with the amazing mountains, wildlife, and ski slopes....Yeah, Scotland you suck, and you're ugly too........ fair enough, I had a good holiday and I'd recommend Scotland to anyone who likes holidays that are bit more adventurous than just lying by the pool. But some of the things that have happened this week have been momentous, so lets have a quick look at the two stories that really caught my eye, before it's back to business as usual:Gravity wave detection:This is the weeks big BIG news, and everyone says so. Lots of them then ask 'what the hell are gravity waves' and they're right to do so, since this isn't a topic that's covered in high school physics. Which is odd, because it's actually very simple. Waves occur in lots of things: Sound waves in gasses, surfable waves in water, electromagnetic waves (like radio waves and light waves) in electric and magnetic fields. Gravity waves are just waves in space itself.A sound wave is a pressure wave, so as it passes you the air pressure ...

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