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Gravitational wave detection rumors may end on Feb 11

8 Feb 2016, 19:49 UTC
Gravitational wave detection rumors may end on Feb 11
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It is official. NSF, together with scientists from Caltech, MIT and the LIGO collaboration will give an update on their effort to detect gravitational waves.
What is LIGO? Check out this article published in Arstechnica by Eric Berger.
I am not going to speculate on the announcement and will simply wait for it. Joe Giaime a California Institute of Technology physicist who manages the lab and also a professor at Louisiana State University was pretty clear in the Arstechnica interview about the way this group works: “We’re really kind of old school,” he said. “We analyze our data. If there’s anything interesting we write it up in papers. We send the papers to the journals. If and only if there’s an interesting discovery that passes muster, and it has been accepted for publication by a journal, then we blab about it. Anything before that, you’re not going to get anything out of me.”
So if they indeed have detected those gravitational waves, we will also get a paper.
Computer simulation of a black hole collision. When two black holes merge into one, enormous amounts of energy are released in the form of gravitational waves.
Below the official announcement.


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