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Me, Elsewhere

5 Feb 2016, 08:50 UTC
Me, Elsewhere
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I'm back from my trip. Here are some things that prevented me from more substantial blogging: I wrote an article for Aeon, "The superfluid Universe," which just appeared. For a somewhat more technical summary, see this earlier blogpost.I did a Q&A with John The-End-of-Science Horgan, which was fun. I disagree with him on many things, but I admire his writing. He is infallibly skeptic and unashamedly opinionated -- qualities I find lacking in much of today's science writing, including, sometimes, my own.I spoke with Davide Castelvecchi about Stephen Hawking's recent attempt to solve the black hole information loss problem, which I previously wrote about here.And I had some words to spare for Zeeya Merali, probably more words than she wanted, on the issue with the arXiv moderation, which we discussed here.Finally, I had the opportunity to give some input for this video on the PhysicsGirl's YouTube channel:I previously explained in this blogpost that Hawking radiation is not produced at the black hole horizon, a correction to the commonly used popular science explanation that caught much more attention than I anticipated. There are of course still some things in the above video I'd like to complain about. To begin with, anti-particles ...

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