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Einstein, Cosmic Religion and the “Unaffiliated”

15 Jan 2016, 06:14 UTC
Einstein, Cosmic Religion and the “Unaffiliated”
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Spending time immersed in the world of exoplanets raises questions of all sorts, and some lead down unexpected pathways.
Einstein gave substantial thought to what he described as “cosmic religion,” a spirituality that flows from the work of science.
In the aftermath of the 100th anniversary of the publication of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, another part of the great man’s legacy has entered into my life in a way both surprising and satisfying. I’ll never come close to understanding the deeper currents of Einstein’s relativity, but I have found an entirely accessible and compelling clarity in his views on another domain of great importance to him: his concept of “cosmic religion.”
There was a time when these views were widely debated, and Einstein was regularly asked to address questions about religion. Those days are long gone and his thinking about religion seems to be considered naive by many and rather passe — in a similar vein as his refusal to accept some of the tenets of the quantum physics that he helped establish.
But then again, maybe Einstein will prove to have been once again ahead of the curve with his cosmic spirituality.
As might be anticipated, Einstein’s views ...

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