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Does the arXiv censor submissions?

29 Jan 2016, 00:04 UTC
Does the arXiv censor submissions?
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The arXiv is the physicsts' marketplace of ideas. In high energy physics and adjacent fields, almost all papers are submitted to the arXiv prior to journal submission. Developed by Paul Ginsparg in the early 1990s, this open-access pre-print repository has served the physics community for more than 20 years, and meanwhile extends also to adjacent fields like mathematics, economics, and biology. It fulfills an extremely important function by helping us to exchange ideas quickly and efficiently.Over the years the originally free signup became more restricted. If you sign up for the arXiv now, you need to be "endorsed" by several people who are already signed up. It also became necessary to screen submissions to keep the quality level up. In hindsight, this isn't surprising: more people means more trouble. And sometimes, of course, things go wrong.I have heard various stories about arXiv moderation gone wrong, mostly these are from students, and mostly it affects those who work in small research areas or those whose name is Garrett Lisi.A few days ago, a story appeared online which quickly spread. Nicolas Gisin, an established Professor for Physics who works on quantum cryptography (among other things) relates the story of two of his ...

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