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Red Giant Stars Hosting Close-In Jupiter-Like Planets

27 Jan 2016, 10:00 UTC
Red Giant Stars Hosting Close-In Jupiter-Like Planets
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As a planet orbits its host star, it indices gravitational perturbations on its host star, causing its host star to wobble back and forth. If the planet is massive enough and/or if the planet is sufficiently close to its host star, the wobbling motion of the planet’s host star can be detected through radial velocity measurements. Radial velocity measurements of two red giant stars indicate that they harbour Jupiter-like planetary companions. Red giant stars are basically stars that have reached the end stages of their stellar evolution. Jupiter-like planets in close-in orbits seem to be very rare around red giant stars. One explanation is that such planets are ingested by their host stars due to tidal interactions.HD 5583 is a red giant star with ~1.01 times the Sun’s mass, ~9.09 times the Sun’s radius, ~41 times the Sun’s luminosity, and it has an effective temperature of roughly 4830 K. It is located ~720 light years away and it hosts a gas giant planet identified as HD 5583 b. The planet has 5.78 ± 0.53 times the mass of Jupiter and it orbits in a near-circular orbit around its host star at 0.53 ± 0.02 AU. Its orbital period around its ...

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