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Captain InterStellar

Part 1: Book Review - Prospects for Interstellar Travel

30 Jan 2010, 00:44 UTC
Part 1: Book Review - Prospects for Interstellar Travel
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Last week I received a copy in the mail of Prospects for Interstellar Travel by John H. Mauldin, 1992. So far I've finished reading the first four chapters and I'm impressed by the amount of thought that went into this book and I'm studying it in detail so decided to write up a comprehensive book review as it seems there aren't that many copies around these days available and helps me digest this book anyway. Although somewhat dated, most of the material is still relevant and covers the prospects and problems of interstellar travel and is highly readable with next to no maths in the main text, for those who like to see what the numbers have to say, there's a comprehensive Appendix as well. This book is a good read for those who have wondered if it is feasible one day in the not so distant future for us to venture to nearby star systems and their exoplanets. John has done his homework in writing this book with many references along the way from earlier work by Forward, Johnson, Matloff to name a few. According to the short blurb about the author, John has worked at NASA in electronic ...

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