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What is a Black Hole Made of?

10 Jan 2016, 23:03 UTC
What is a Black Hole Made of?
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Question: I googled this question while looking for an answer to something even more vague: what is a black hole made of? If the 3 observable properties or a black hole are supposed to be mass, charge, and angular momentum, then what “inside” the black hole can still provide those properties if all matter in a black hole has supposedly been destroyed? The only thing I’ve been able to imagine is that a black hole does not actually destroy any matter that falls into it … it just prevents us from observing it. Otherwise the implication is that mass, charge, and angular momentum can exist independently of matter. — Rob
Answer: As you already know, black holes are places where extreme gravitational attraction draws everything, even light, to a single point in space. The problem with understanding exactly what happens to the stuff that pulled into a black hole is that physicists really don’t have a complete understanding of how gravity works under the extreme conditions found in a black hole. Called “quantum gravity”, an understanding of how gravity works in a black hole requires physicists to figure out what happens to gravity at atomic-scale levels. The physical properties of ...

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