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The Relative Timing Between Solar and Lunar Eclipses

1 Jan 2016, 12:07 UTC
The Relative Timing Between Solar and Lunar Eclipses
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Question: I’m working on a thesis for the chronology of the last month of Jesus life. According to NASA, as best I can make out, there was a partial Lunar Eclipse about sunset 6-7PM in Israel the day Jesus died, April 3, AD 33. Also they record a total Solar Eclipse 2 weeks earlier about 1pm? March 19 AD 33 (I don’t think this event was observable from Israel). My problem is if my understanding of NASA’S astronomical charts is correct there is a span of 15 and 1 quarter days between the 2 events but if half a Lunar Month (29.5 days) is 14 and 3 quarter days, how is it that there is a half a day difference? I’m an unemployed carpenter not an informed astronomer. On my own I can’t work out the maths or fully comprehend the NASA charts. Can you please confirm the exact time of the conjunction March 19 AD 33 in what would be Jerusalem time and how the intervening span is what it is, if it is not 14 and 3 quarter days? — Glen
Answer: The NASA lunar eclipse information indicates that a partial lunar eclipse occurred on April 3, 33 ...

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