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Retro, cruise missile delivered, rocket mail...don't tell Amazon

23 Dec 2015, 19:30 UTC
Retro, cruise missile delivered, rocket mail...don't tell Amazon
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Figure 4: Hasta la Vista, Service Standards! (A Regulus I Missile Carrying Mail)Source: Smithsonian Postal MuseumExact source unknown, so consider this to be quoted...For one fleeting moment, the Post Office Department experimented with transporting mail through missiles.[1] On June 8, 1959, the Post Office (in collaboration with the Department of Defense for obvious reasons) loaded a Regulus I cruise missile — normally used to carry two-megaton thermonuclear warheads, something you can’t say about most postal delivery vehicles — with two metal canisters holding 300 commemorative letters.[2] The letters all contained a special message from Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield and were addressed to various important people, including President Eisenhower. After all, why would you send a letter by missile to someone unimportant? Anyway, the missile was launched from the submarine U.S.S. Barbero off the coast of Virginia, and it landed about 22 minutes later in Florida.Despite the very, very fast transportation of the letters by missile, they still had to be sorted at a nearby post office and then delivered as usual. The Postmaster General’s message inside the letters elaborated on missile mail’s revolutionary place in history: “Your receipt of this letter marks an historic milestone in the use of guided ...

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