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Early meetings. People who make things happen.

21 Jan 2010, 11:24 UTC
Early meetings. People who make things happen.
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Like everyday, this morning I brought my little son to the kinder-garden. On the way to I met Tim de Zeeuw, the Director General of ESO. From the window of my office I can see his and I had noticed he had been away for quite some time. I took advantage of this for briefly chatting with him about how jet-lag is annoying and so on. “Yes” - he said - “but sometimes interesting things happen”. I was kind of guessing that something exceptional was coming and the conversation was going to turn into something much less trivial than jet-lag…
Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile
And, in fact… “While visiting our sites in Chile, I was sitting in my office in Santiago and, at some point, I got a phone call”, he started off. “The President of Chile was on the other side of the line”. From this point I can only imagine how things went and what follows is a fiction like dialog (but I guess things were not very much different from this).
-”You are planning to build a very large telescope, right?
-”Yes, Madame President, that is true”.
-”Have you already decided where you will put it?”

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