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AAS President's Column: Rethinking the Role of the GRE

10 Dec 2015, 20:00 UTC
AAS President's Column: Rethinking the Role of the GRE
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This post, by Meg Urry (President of the AAS) was originally posted by the American Astronomical Society.An Open Letter to Chairs of Departments That Grant Degrees in the Astronomical Sciences:I am writing about an issue of concern to the American Astronomical Society (AAS), namely, graduate admissions. In January, the AAS Council will discuss and vote on whether to issue a statement on behalf of the Society (appended at the end of this letter) that makes a case for why the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and the Physics GRE (PGRE) should be optional; or, if they are used, why there should be no fixed cutoff score; and why the demographics of the applicants may need to be taken into account explicitly. I write in advance of that action because the season of graduate admissions is upon us. I hope you will read this letter and draft statement and circulate it to your graduate admissions committee. If you have any comments or concerns, I hope you will send them to me and/or council@aas.org.Many departments require applicants to report (P)GRE scores. However:Available data show only a weak correlation between (P)GRE test scores and success in graduate school or thereafter (e.g., the correlations between test score ...

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