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23 Nov 2015, 07:40 UTC
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I'll have to keep things short and sweet this week, as a few things in real-life are still main priorities:Space X to start flying humans in 2017SpaceX has become the first of the new private spaceflight companies to be contracted by NASA to fly astronauts to the International Space Station. “Commercial crew launches are really important for helping us meet the demand for research on the space station because it allows us to increase the crew to seven,” said Julie Robinson, International Space Station chief scientist. “Over the long term, it also sets the foundation for scientific access to future commercial research platforms in low- Earth orbit.Above: CGI artwork of SpaceX's manned Dragon capsule. courtesy of SpaceX.Next Mars rover may get flying companionNASA may have plans for the MArs 202 rover to use a small flying scout. A scouting drone could help the Mars 2020 rover avoid the sort of mission-ending misstep that got the smaller Spirit rover — the twin of the still-operational Opportunity rover — stuck in martian sand in 200.“By March of next year — we’re actually building a full-scale helicopter, 1 kilogram size — we’re going to put it in a chamber and simulate, exactly, the ...

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