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The Ancient Solar System...

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12 Nov 2015, 11:40 UTC
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This weeks other big space conference: The 2015 American Society for Gravitational and Space Research conferenceA lot of news has been coming out of the Division of Planetary Science conference his week - lots of discoveries from our far flung probes across the solar system. But there's been another space conference going on this week: The American society for Gravity and Space Research. Unlike DPS this isn't about exploring other worlds: Its focussed on how we use the space environment, and microgravity, to do experiments that couldn't be done, or would be very difficult to do, on Earth. Things like growing protein crystals, or studying how certain types of fluid/solid mix behave are popular, as are experiments on micro organisms. These have led to some surprising results over the years - discovering novel mechanisms of enhanced virulence, or vaccines for diseases like salmonella - and the journal Nature even has a special webpage for biological microgravity science, So ASGSR is worth the time to check out - exploring space is amazing, but the things we use space as a resource for can be just as interesting - and can even save lives!Above: A quick video showing off the combustion rack on ...

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