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The Ancient Solar System...

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11 Nov 2015, 10:56 UTC
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The electrostatic space sail:The Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System(HERTS)is a space drive that has been on the horizon for a while. In theory it's very simple: By unravelling long leads from the spacecraft, and giving them a powerful electric charge the engine can catch the solar wind -  a gale of charged particles put out by the Sun. The thrust produced this way is fairly small it can build over time until the craft reaches speeds of hundreds of kilometres per second. Although this is till a fair way from actually being flown, this is an exciting idea that could let us take our first steps towards sending probes into interstellar space in a reasonable length of time..  Above: A quick run down on the HERTS concept, courtesy of the NASA advanced concepts office.Hubble finds remains of our galaxy's first starsThe Hubble telescope has undertaken a CSI-sh mission, doing a forensic investigation of the 12 billion year old corpses of stars. When all but the biggest or smallest stars die they leave behind a remnant - mainly made out of the star's burned out core - called a white dwarf. Hubble has managed to track down the white dwarfs left ...

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