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Is That a Constellation on My Necklace?

7 Nov 2015, 15:36 UTC
Is That a Constellation on My Necklace?
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Question: Hello, I just had a question about a constellation. I don’t know how to insert a picture so I’m just going to describe it. I got a necklace with a constellation that looks like Cancer, except there’s an extra star at the end of the point that goes to the right. I was wondering if this was an actual constellation or something made up because I tried to find constellations with 6 stars that looked like it. I’m not quite sure if you can picture it, but thanks for the help if you can in any way! – Meleena
Answer: This does not sound to me like any constellation that I am familiar with. You might want to try the StarDate Constellation Guide to see if you find a match.
Jeff Mangum

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