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Questions About a Career in Astronomy

3 Nov 2015, 15:45 UTC
Questions About a Career in Astronomy
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Question: I am a 12 year old girl and I love astronomy and I would love to become an astronomer when I grow up. I know it may seem that I am too young but i’m really interested in the subject. What skills does it require to become an astronomer and how many years does it take to earn a PhD in chemistry? I’m an Egyptian and there are no Egyptian astronomers. Is it possible to become an astronomer even though i’m Egyptian? – Sarah
Answer: That is great that you are interested in being an astronomer! Let me first point you to the Careers in Astronomy section of this blog. There have been many questions just like the one you have asked regarding what it takes to have a career as an astronomer that I have answered in this careers section. Note also that nationality plays no role in determining if a person can pursue a career in astronomy. Astronomers come from all over the world (including Egypt). If you have further questions about a career in astronomy after having looked through the information in the Careers in Astronomy section, let me know.
Jeff Mangum

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