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The Original Rocket Dungeon

Ekranoplan thoughts

2 Nov 2015, 00:12 UTC
Ekranoplan thoughts
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I have made no real progress but have bought some wood and should be able to get started. Just for my peace of mind, here's an initial checklist:Cut 54mm tube to length and mark four lines.Mark the position of the Tres mount and cut. These will be recessed 2" and the removed parts will be retained to reinstall later.Cut the forward motor mounting plate from a 6"x12" ply sheet.Build and install baffle, not forgetting the eyebolt and Kevlar leader.Scruff up the tube and glue on the mounting plate.Build eight 18mm mounts...connect two sets of four.Heavily fillet the mount.Built the Tres mount and install it.Talking wood, I bought 1/16 x 6 x 12 ply and 1/4 x 4 x 36 balsa. I think the side fins will be 1/16" ply. This should hold up better to the exhaust than the balsa. The tail section will be made from sectioned tubing and 1/4" balsa. This is all still TBD.I'm thinking about making the ends of the main fins fairly oversized and some sort of fin opposite the tail section. This will not be clear and will be undersized...but present!Per Daddyisabar, it will get a pair of rear-mounted 24's. I need to start ...

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