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A heartfelt appeal

10 Jan 2010, 13:13 UTC
A heartfelt appeal
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Dear readers, this Closing Ceremony has gathered together many of the organisers behind IYA2009, but one is absent…
…one whose dedication to her job is only matched by her willingness to work hours that quite possibly breach human rights regulations. I am, of course, referring to Catherine Moloney, Coordinator of Galilean Nights, the astro-fest from last October.
Unfortunately Catherine couldn’t be here today. She has broken her wrist and arm, which we can only assume happened as she was trekking across mountains to deliver telescopes and planispheres to needy people in hard-to-reach places, although this story is unconfirmed.
But the fact remains that Catherine feels terrible about not being present to see the end of this most magnificent of years. Obviously the LiveBlog posts are keeping her up to speed (or near enough) but her heart is still full of sorrow. Even as you read this she may (or may not) be weeping freely.
So let’s all join together to wish Catherine a speedy recovery. Because the Galilean Nights report is due soon, and she really needs both hands to type quickly.

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