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Cosmic Diary

Day Two

10 Jan 2010, 08:56 UTC
Day Two
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First is a talk from Francesco Palla. Remember the streaming video.
It was decided to make a replica of Galileo’s telescope to explain the emotional meaning of scientific interest and to make observations reproducible.
The replica would be of the original 20x telescope with optical clones of the original lenses. Observations were made of objects such as Saturn, and also importantly Jupiter and its moons. Now comparisons are being shown of Galileo’s original sketches along with astrophotos taken using the replica. They are similar, which the team must have been relieved about.
Extracts are being given from Galileo’s writings. The stand-out one (in my opinion) is when he talked about observing Orion and being overwhelmed by the sheer number of stars. On 4 February 1617 he published a map of the Trapezium Stars in Orion. Comparing it to a photo taken using the replica, we can see that Galileo got it spot on. Nicely done, Mr. Galilei. He even suggested that the Milky Way was a mass of stars.

NEXT! Enrico Bellone: “Galileo and the Development of Scientific Thought”. Francesco Palla got words, so Enrico Bellone will get a picture. That’s how it works.

A picture paints 1000 ...

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