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Cocktails and a concert

10 Jan 2010, 00:26 UTC
Cocktails and a concert
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Which way to the cocktails?
Ah, grazie!

Although according to the sign there’s only a single cocktail. There will be a lot of disappointed astronomers.
There’s Raquel, web-superstar. Looks like she’s taking some pictures for blackmail material later. Good thinking.

Here’s EurAstro’s Jean-Luc, taking a photo of a telescope.

It looks important. A telescope Galileo used? Anyone care to translate?

Arty shot warning. 3 2 1 INCOMING:

Let’s mingle. There’s Manolis Zoulias, from the Greek IYA2009 Committee. Hello Manolis!

Oops, chopped the bottom of his hand off. Sorry mate.
Let’s venture up the stairs.

The following series of images is named ASTRONOMERS FROM ABOVE.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have ASTRONOMERS FROM BELOW. But probably not.
Let’s mingle some more.

Hello Pedro and El Sayed Ayman. El Sayed works at the Planetarium Science Center Alexandria, in Egypt. He’s only seen snow once, but it wasn’t enough to build a snowman. This LiveBlog isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions!
Right, concert time courtesy of the Civica Orchestra Di Fiati Di Padova. Or so says the leaflet.

They’re playing music such as Holst’s ”JUPITER” and Williams’ “STAR WAR SAGA”. This leaflet is great, it has all the details.

During times like these it’s ...

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