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It’s the Secretariat’s turn

9 Jan 2010, 17:00 UTC
It’s the Secretariat’s turn
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After the break of course.
If you’re at the Ceremony, I’d like to apologise for taking all of the nice biscuit things with the chocolate topping, that resided on the middle buffet table.
Who is this, eating a cake on the sly? It’s Chiara Di Benedetto, from the organising committee.

Hello, Chiara Di Benedetto, from the organising committee. She was very helpful in getting my wireless internet up and running, so in many ways she is directly responsible for this LiveBlog. So now you know who to blame. (Chiara Di Benedetto, from the organising committee).

Pedro is rather good at these talks. But come on, no tie? A conference-provided lanyard is no replacement for correct neckwear.

We’ll forgive you though, because a) you’re the boss of IYA2009 and b) you’ll fire me otherwise.
Pedro talked about his top ten highlights of IYA2009:
#10, proclamation resolutions. There was the IAU proclamation, then one from UNESCO, and finally in December 2007 a UN Resolution was passed declaring that 2009 would be the International Year of Astronomy. Yesss!
#9, Community engagement. It was very important to engage not only professional astronomers but also amateurs, educators, and science communicators.
#8, (Old and new) media ...

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