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Cosmic Diary

It’s beginning…

9 Jan 2010, 12:46 UTC
It’s beginning…
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…in a bit.

Padova is WET.

But Britt and Mariana have groovy umbrellas, so it’s an opportunity to use them. They’re forever finding the silver lining.
Claudia is here as well. Having a real live Italian around is very handy. Especially when you can’t find your way to the conference centre.

This must be it.

Oh, this is definitely it:

Time to gather ID badges. A section dedicated to Secretariat Press? This is the VIP treatment, at long last!


There’s a big sign saying NO PHOTOGRAPHY outside the main hall. How I laughed in the face of this sign. Hahaha! Ha!


Uh-oh, someone’s looking at me suspiciously. I’d best stop.
Next on the agenda was getting wireless internet so the LiveBlog can go straight from Padova to your brain-matter. Obviously this was a nightmare. A tech-team was called in!

The guy desperately clicking on my laptop looks like Nuno, the Cosmic Diary’s very own tech-wizard.
The fellow in the background asked “oh, are you the LiveBlogger?” I sheepishly replid “yes”. Amazingly, he looked happy. “We are running a LiveBlog in Italian. We looked at yours for inspiration!” Mate, if you ...

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