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Italian astronomy = good

9 Jan 2010, 14:05 UTC
Italian astronomy = good
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Now Italy is affirming its commitment to astronomy research. There is a need to identify the strong points in research. Future initiatives will include health, nutrition, and cultural heritage.
Research infrastructures are considered to be very important. This section is actually being translated being given in Italian, and translated into English after each few sentences. That’s got to be a high pressure job for the translator. Our heart goes out to you, translator!

There’s a man with a woolly jumper stood right in the middle. What’s that about?

Now Walter Erdelen, UNESCO Assistant Director General, has taken stage. He’s thanking the Conference organisers. People do not always appreciate the work done by astronomy, buy IYA2009 has helped people to realise the importance of links between science, culture, and education. The International Astronomical Union deserves particular credit for taking the leading role in organising IYA2009.
Astromomy is frontier science, as recent exoplanet discoveries have shown. Walter says that over Christmas he bought three Galiloscopes himself because he’s so fascinated by them.
UNESCO has gone a great deal for IYA2009, and astronomy is seen as a priority. UNESCO will work closely with the IAU to enhance astronomy in the classroom, ...

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