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Cosmic Diary

Destination: Science!

8 Jan 2010, 18:05 UTC
Destination: Science!
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Well, Padova.
Having to wake up at STUPID O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING is never fun, but the view from the plane made it (almost) worth it.

The weather in Venice was awful, and due to an inadequate bus schedule, 55 minutes were spent in the freezing cold with nothing but staring at this bus stop sign for entertainment:

It’s almost enough to make you appreciate North Somerset’s First Bus service. But not quite.
One of the other poor souls waiting was leafing through some IYA2009-branded print-outs. In an uncharacteristic act of bravery, I said hello! Turns out she’s an astronomer from Mexico here for the ceremony. We then befriended an Italian who used a map to point out things of interest in Padova (“and here, a veeeeery long road!”)

In Padova, as tradition dictates, I immediately got lost. It’s a talent.
Padova is billed as a picturesque city.

This isn’t picturesque.

This isn’t picturesque at all.

That scene is as far from picturesque as you can get. And that’s only a mild exaggeration.

Phew, a map! Oh, I’m quite close to the hotel after all. And good to know that it’s near to the… Church of Scientology? Ooooooh boy.
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