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Russia to go back to the Moon?

30 Oct 2015, 09:21 UTC
Russia to go back to the Moon?
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If you've enjoyed this please share it on facebook, twitter, or whatever your favourite social media is. A chat with the Andy Weir, author of 'The Martian' The story behind the writing of The Martian - starting as a self published book and becoming one of this year's best reviewed films - is one of triumph over adversity, although not so much as the story itself (Sorry Mr Weir, kudos for the book and film but you didn't escape from Mars!). Planetary radio, always a good place to look for something interesting, has an interview with Andy Weir and it's well worth following the link to check outAbove: Publicity shot for 'The Martian'. It's clear to me why he got lost - his suit's orange, on a yellow/orange planet. Surely that was a bad fashion choice? Courtesy of Entertainment weekly.Amazing photo of a crescent Pluto from New HorizonsThis photograph was taken by the New Horizons spaceship fifteen minutes after it passed Pluto, I recommend you follow the link and get the expandable version - from the haze in the atmosphere to the mountains with sunlight hitting their tops, it really gives you a feeling for Pluto as  a world....Above: The dwarf ...

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