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Another LiveBlog? My oh my oh my!

7 Jan 2010, 13:28 UTC
Another LiveBlog? My oh my oh my!
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Welcome friends, dear dear friends, to the LAST EVER International Year of Astronomy 2009 LiveBlog. Yes, that is a promise.
IYA2009 is almost over, although we can’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet because the Closing Ceremony stands between us and a well-deserved holiday. BUT are we getting ahead of ourselves? Odds are you ended up on this site by accident and don’t even know what IYA2009 is. CLUE: it stands for International Year of Astronomy 2009. Let’s explain using the gift of embedded videos from YouTube. Here’s the official IYA2009 trailer:

And here’s a superb fan-made trailer. Sing along!

If you prefer words to videos then read: IYA2009 has been a year-long celebration of astronomy, marking the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first astronomical observations using a telescope. There have been lots of projects and events, some of which have been covered in previous LiveBlogs. Specifically:
The Opening Ceremony LiveBlog, where it was established that people much prefer pictures to words;
The 100 Hours of Astronomy LiveBlog, where it was discovered that sleep deprivation actually improves the quality of blog posts;
And the Galilean Nights LiveBlog, where it was revealed that blanket cloud cover does nothing to dampen astronomers’ ...

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