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The Original Rocket Dungeon

More Fett Boy thoughts

18 Oct 2015, 17:25 UTC
More Fett Boy thoughts
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I have the top section complete and am currently painting the bottom section. I will take some photos for the next post.I added a whopping 4.5oz of nose weight. I messed up a little as I could have cut back some to account for the epoxy that I used. This was supposed to set the static margin to one but I forgot I had removed the 'phantom cone,' which was supposed to account for base drag, from the simulation. Oh well, what's an extra ounce or two among friends? This hog weighs in at 19oz and now is out of reach for an F15-4. A G74 SU or an F59 reload will probably be the motor of choice.I have been thinking a lot about finishing the lower section in a Boba Fett theme, My conclusion is that I will just muck that up. For now, it will be a solid gray color and I will continue mulling over additional decoration.

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